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Randy Fox is the Editor-In-Chief of the Planned Giving Design Center. We are proud to have Randy as our guiding light on the PGDC for the field of Philanthropy.

Randy Fox is a nationally known wealth strategist, philanthropic estate planner, educator and speaker dedicated to helping individuals, professional advisors, charitable institutions and planned giving organizations do well while doing good. His collaborative approach facilitates clients’ ability to preserve and transform wealth in ways that honor their goals and passions while passing values, responsibility and stewardship ethics to their heirs. 

He is the founder of Two Hawks Consulting, LLC, a national consultant to advisors and attorneys

Two Hawks Consulting, LLC Features

    posted on 21 Jun 2018 | Article | 4 comments
    Now that we've had some time to digest the TCJA, here's some ideas for charitable planning that will take advantage of the new law.
    posted on 3 Apr 2018 | Article
    Finding new and creative ways for donors to keep giving comes with the new legislation. Here's one....  
    posted on 15 Mar 2018 | Article
    Starting a planned giving program? Here are a few basics.
    posted on 31 Jan 2018 | Article
    One little discussed change in the new tax law are the broad changes to code section 1031. The provision that allows like kind exchanges for similar types of property has been amended to eliminate...
    posted on 8 Jan 2018 | Article
    There has been endless speculation about how the new tax law will impact charitable giving. Take heart, here's a first look about what it begins to mean for planned giving.

Other news from Two Hawks Consulting, LLC

    posted on 8 Nov 2017 | Article
    The end (of the year) is near. It's giving time for most of America.
    posted on 1 Nov 2017 | Article
    No matter where I go and speak in the country, when I ask the audience of advisors or charities "who's looking at Pooled Income Funds?", no hands go up. Crazy? I think so. Read on...
    posted on 20 Oct 2017 | Article
    Often, life changing events change one's giving perspective. We explore the opportunities in both victory and in loss.
    posted on 5 Oct 2017 | Article
    This view of how to spot opportunity probes understanding your client's values and beliefs in such a way that you understand their "need" to give based on their belief system.  
    posted on 20 Sep 2017 | Article
    Planned gifts come from those passionate about a cause. Find out where your clients volunteer and what boards they serve on to help propel the planned giving conversation.

About Us


A third-generation entrepreneur, Randy is the principal of Two Hawks Consulting LLC. Randy was a founding principal of InKnowVision, LLC, a national consulting and marketing firm that developed estate and wealth transfer designs for clients of exceptional wealth. During his tenure, more than three hundred families were served and more than $500 million was directed to philanthropic purposes. He served as director and faculty member of the InKnowVision Institute, which provided professional advisors with the advanced technical and interpersonal tools required to attract and work successfully with high net worth clients.


Randy is past President of the Board of the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy and the recipient of the Fithian Leadership award. He has served on the Advisory Council of The Capital Trust Company of Delaware, and the Board of Directors of the Suburban Chicago Council on Planned Giving. He is also active in the Financial Planning Association, and the Chicago Council of the Partners in Philanthropic Planning. Randy is a Fellow of the Esperti Peterson Institute for wealth strategies research and education, and is a guest instructor for the John Marshall Law School LLM Program and the Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

Randy A Fox, CFP®, AEP®

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