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Welcome to the Planned Giving Design Center.

Since 1998 the Planned Giving Design Center has been helping charitable organizations and for-profit philanthropic service providers cultivate relationships with professional advisors by providing the largest body of content, commentary and planning tools dedicated solely to the topic of charitable gift and estate planning. Ours has been a mission of educating and encouraging partnership.

As a result of this effort, as professional advisors have become more knowledgeable in the design, implementation and management of complex giving strategies, their clients have grown to rely upon them as a primary resource to help them integrate philanthropy into their financial and estate planning. What was once a footnote in an individual’s planning has now become an integral component.

And what was once an uncomfortable relationship between professional advisors and charitable organizations has now given way to a collegial spirit of innovation, collaboration and cooperation. Donor-based and values-based philanthropy are now familiar terms in the lexicon of charitable gift planning.

We are proud to introduce a new PGDC that will further advance the understanding of the tools and techniques of charitable gift and estate planning, bring planning resources to the fingertips of gift planners, and create new bridges of understanding and teamwork between every element of the professional advisor community and the over one million charitable organizations that are changing lives, saving lives and enhancing lives throughout the United States and the world.

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