Panel on Nonprofit Sector Report Is 'Invaluable,' Baucus Says

Panel on Nonprofit Sector Report Is 'Invaluable,' Baucus Says

News story posted in Governance on 23 June 2005| comments
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A Panel on the Nonprofit Sector report on recommendations to improve nonprofits will serve as "invaluable guidance" as the Finance Committee considers new legislation on charitable governance, Committee ranking minority member Max Baucus, D-Mont., said in a June 22 release.
Full Text:

Baucus Commends Report from the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Today, U.S. Senator Max Baucus, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, issued the following statement as the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector released their final report on recommendations to improve nonprofit organizations. The report contains comprehensive proposals for addressing abuse in the sector and increasing transparency of charitable organizations.

The statement follows:

"Charities play an important role in the lives of many Americans. These organizations are often the means by which people become involved with their communities and help those who are in need. Serving others has always been an important part of what makes America shine, and in large part, it is charities that help make this happen. Many have seen their lives improve because of the tireless work of charities.

"Unfortunately, some charities have been used to foster personal wealth rather than good deeds. Because of the deceitful actions of a few, public confidence has waned in the charitable sector and the tax system in general.

"In October 2004, Chairman Grassley and I sent a letter to Independent Sector -- the national advocate for charities -- and asked them to form a blue ribbon panel to consider reforms in the charitable arena. Independent Sector responded to that call, and today I want to say that I am pleased with their diligent effort.

"This report provides an excellent starting point for a discussion on reform. As the Finance Committee approaches charitable reform, the panel's suggestions will provide invaluable guidance as new legislation is drafted.

"The panel was given a very difficult task, but they were able to rise to the occasion and put together a comprehensive package that will help pave the road for charitable reform. I want to thank the members of the panel who worked tirelessly to put these recommendations together. These suggestions will be very useful as the Finance Committee drafts legislation to improve charitable governance."

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